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Printing matters

October 30th, 2009

When you have your own office today it is sometimes difficult to get money for decent office supplies. A lot of businesses are working in survival mode and have been on the lookout for economic ways to stock their offices. Let’s talk about saving money on office supplies to have more for other matters in these hard economic times.

First of all, get the cheap stuff. If office supplies aren’t intended for the important clients forget about prestige and luxury for a while. Cheap printer cartridges are a great way to save on printing costs but it is also important to remember that printing pages out only when necessary will also save you loads. Make sure every one of your employees knows this. When buying a new cartridge choose from a range of brands like HP ink cartridges or Canon ink cartridges and start from there. It is also wise to use different kinds of paper. Use the cheaper one for day to day office tasks, but keep some high quality expensive paper for important letters. Also it is a good idea to find a constant supplier if your printing supplies if you use them a lot. Look for a firm with great customer service, free setup and technical support.