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Online Web Survey Results into CRM Records

August 10th, 2009

What do you do with the customer feedback you might have obtained through an online survey or some other information gathering system?  Let Vovici integrate the customer feedback right into your business process.  They can help you rapidly integrate this customer feedback information right into your CRM records.  Leveraging your CRM system into an even a better investment then it originally was.  This will empower your CRM users with the real time voice of your customer data.  The faster the information is redistributed the more relevant the information is.  If it takes you a month to get customer feedback into your business process you are not dealing in real time information.

Online Survey Platform

Everyday as a small or medium size business owner you are confronted with your limited amount of funds compared to your large size business competitor.  Finding an equalizer is the key to you keeping up and cutting into their market share.  Vovici’s v4 was created just for the small or medium size business owner in mind.  You get the same powerful tools available to the large businesses but bundled together for a lower cost.  Vovici v4 Professional Edition gives you an online survey platform that gives you powerful web survey creation, deployment and management tools to help your business grow.